How to increase your chances of winning

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How to increase your chances of winning

How to increase your chances of winning

We will not talk about payout ratios, slot recoil, etc. Today we will tell you how to increase your chances of winning at online casinos. Or rather, what rules to follow in order to increase your chances of winning. Hyde is mainly for beginners, but also players with experience will not be superfluous to refresh the memory of these aspects.

The most important mistake is “sticking” in the slot machine.
Appears when you press the spin button thoughtlessly and reflexively. In this case, the fact of lack of winnings and rapid decrease in balance does not stop the player. The basic idea of a strong saturated in the mind of the user: “here’s a little bit and just a bonus or like a spin!

What do we do? Let’s face it, the slot didn’t give the expected result and close it down. And the faster you do it, the more likely it is to win in another slot machine is much higher.

How to increase your chances of winning

Naturally, many people are now “cracked up” and wanted to speak out. The main statement will be: “There are slots that need to spin yes the last, like Dead or Alive, and there is always a chance to win.

Of course we do! But when playing these slots, you initially realize that there are two options: either a complete failure or a great win. And when you play, for example, in StarBurst, and you do not see even the slightest hint of winning. What’s the point of spinning it?

It seems to be the exact opposite. The game starts with an increased balance, so there is a better chance of winning! Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. Every bonus offer has limitations in the form of a vager. Currently, the average value of this parameter is X40 from the sum of the bonus received. That is, the player must place bets 40 times higher than the sum of the bonus! And it is not so easy.

In general, the person who invented the vager, the casino should be grateful, because 95% of the issued bonuses online casino players can not play. And there is nothing supernatural here, everything obeys a simple rule: the longer you play, the higher the probability of losing.

But even this is not the main reason to give up the extra bonus. Often there are situations where a player is lucky enough to win big, but he can not withdraw his winnings, because he plays with bonus funds.

The shorter your game session, the more likely it is to win. For example, after 30 minutes of play you have increased your initial deposit by two or three times. Lust for excitement makes you play more, I motivate you by the fact that once everything started so easily, after a couple of hours in general there will be an exorbitant amount on your balance. But as practice shows, after a couple of hours the balance will be zero.

What do we do? If you managed to increase your deposit several times, albeit slightly. Make a withdrawal, at least partially. You’ll always be able to deposit money into your account.

This state, when a player makes a deposit one after another, is called “putty”. In this state, the player does not control himself, the desire to win back prevails.

Naturally, it is fraught with zeroing of all electronic wallets and nervous breakdown.

What can I do? Before starting the game, determine the amount that you are ready to lose. That’s the amount you’re willing to lose. If you are not controlled by yourself, then after depositing, restrict your access to the opportunity to make a deposit, any way. The next day you will be grateful to yourself.

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