Real money bonuses

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Real money bonuses

Real money bonuses

Each casino offers to get bonus money on top up account. They can be presented as a percentage of the money deposited, or in the form of free-spins, in which case the result is unknown in advance.

Some casinos may offer bonus offers, but this is rather an exception. And so, a regular popular ratio of bonus on first deposit to the real money deposited is – 100%. That is, added the same amount by which the account was replenished. And most often, together with the deposit, it is converted into bonus funds.

Although now there are interesting propositions, when the gembler first plays the deposit and when he wins nothing prevents him from making a conclusion, and the bonus goes into action, if the real money is unlucky and thus given a chance to win back. this option should be considered as a safety net and, of course, do not give up on it, if you decide to play for their own.

Real money bonuses

Now let’s consider a situation when the deposit and bonus funds become a general bankroll, burdened with obligations under the vager. When does it make sense to take it?

It is already necessary to assess your own mood. How do you plan to play: immediately draw a conclusion, as soon as you manage to catch a successful skid or play longer regardless of the results, spend time in different games, try different strategies.

If you intend to withdraw money immediately if you win, it is better to give up the bonus at all. Especially if your deposit is enough for at least 200 spins. This is the most acceptable bank to bet ratio for playing. That is the risk to higher chances for the top combination.
Of course, in the licensed machines all depends on the random and more or less decent skid can fall on the first spins, and the absence of acceptable results of hundreds and thousands of spins, but the bankroll, allowing you to make 100-200 spins still contains more reason to hope for the favor of luck than the one that originally barely enough for 20.

Planning to play longer? Then the amount for the course must be appropriate. The conditions for wagering deposit bonuses are sometimes the same as those for dodges. Often even the size of the vager remains the same. But if you intend to play, it will be the same. You will be able to wait and periods of bad luck, and get a better chance to catch a valuable combination or a generous bonus game.

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