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What do we call “distance”, where does this concept come from and why do these bets stand out as a separate type? Let’s get to the bottom of it and previsões gratuitas de futebol.

Before we talk about series betting, which is what distance betting essentially is, we have to mention two fundamentally different types of players: amateurs and professionals. In sports gambling, these two groups are divided in the proportion of 95% to 5%, where professional players, i.e. those who make money from betting, occupy only a small five per cent share.

The notion of the amateur gambler and previsões para desporto is not at all offensive or pejorative. And the vast majority of gamblers are amateurs, which means they bet plus or minus randomly and usually according to their own personal preferences (for example on a favorite team or according to their opinion on a more likely outcome). The consequence of such a betting strategy is usually either a number of big, but rather random winnings or, more often, losses, which deprive the player of the main resource for betting, the game bank.


This article is aimed precisely at professional players who build their betting strategy in such a way that after a certain period of time, they are bound to come out in the black. This is the only goal and task of a professional bettor and it doesn’t matter what exactly the bet is made on, as long as it is done within the framework of the strategy chosen by the player and he sticks to it.

Because it is strict adherence to the chosen strategy, statistically more often leads to gambler’s profit. We are talking, of course, not about a one-time, momentary income, but about a systematic and permanent. This is the main difference between pro-gamblers and amateurs.

The second obvious difference between players who systematically earn from sports betting is the nature of the game. And here we are introduced to the notion of seriality, synonymous with “working the distance”.


You have to be realistic here and realise that if there are ways to win a bet completely reliably, they are beyond the scope of an ordinary player, even a professional.

Let us list the ones we know of.


Obviously, calling a betting deal is a bad thing. It is also clear that they exist. Here everything is ambiguous, because direct evidence probably does not exist in nature, but, not being stupid people, we all know that sports cannot exist without them, right?

Under the same unsophisticated analysis, it is absolutely certain that information about match-fixing will never appear in the public domain. And only in their naivety one can believe that this information will be available on the Internet.

Bookmaker’s forks.

Yes, undoubtedly, a good and smart way of almost guaranteed earnings from betting. Not too easy, if we talk about working it out, but not too difficult. You can read more about this gambling method here, for example.

Some types of betting strategies that promise zero or minimal risks.

Working in the bookmaking business for more than five years, we have come across isolated cases of such strategies. We cannot say that they are one hundred percent, but they are at least similar to the truth. By the way, most of them are also designed to work with a series of bets, that is on the distance.


We deal with forecasting, which is the part of professional betting. Moreover, there is a rather complicated mathematical model for making forecasts. It gives players who place bets on our forecasts a slight but stable advantage.


We developed our pricing policy according to two principles.

First: paying for forecasts should not eat into the profits of our customers. That is why the maximum price per forecast as of this writing is only 250 rubles. If you win systematically over a long period of time, even if you buy long term subscriptions you do not have to pay us much. On average, according to statistics, paying per prediction takes from 5 to 15% of players’ income.

Second: Players should be able to check the quality of our service. Make sure we do not cheat, do not change statistics, publish forecasts before the event starts, etc. That is why we offer you one-time forecasts and opportunity to buy them.

If you want to do it in the long run, you should buy one of the subscriptions or sign up for a certain number of days.


That is a very fair question! And it is not unambiguous.

The fact is that the player may enter the game series both in the period of decline and in the period of rise. In the first case the gameplay series to profit will be shorter. Paradoxically, statistics show just that. That is why it is more profitable (link to https://gamblingsupport.ru/analiz_statistiki_v_prognozah_na_sportivnie_matchi ) to buy the first subscription when the results are dominated by losses.

The duration of distance is determined solely by the financial strategy that the player employs. From experience, we can say that in all our experience, there is no case, when working with flat strategy did not lead the player to the advantage within the distance of 120 bets. And when working with Martingale, out of 9. The risks of the latter should not be underestimated, but it is useful to read this article.


Here the answer is clear. Only in series. There is no sense at all (except if you want to check how honest the service is) to buy single forecasts.

If you plan to use all forecasts in a row, you should buy a subscription. In this case subscription is more profitable.

A subscription is also convenient for those players who prefer, for instance, to work with only one sport. By the way, our statistical calculation system allows you to check the results separately for each sport.


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How does the sports betting system work?

Bookmakers are gaining more and more popularity
Bookmakers are gaining more and more popularity

Bookmakers are gaining more and more popularity and the number of users. Of course, it is quite beneficial for the owners of these companies, but in the same way, it is fair in relation to betting lovers. How does the sports betting system work? In fact, there are many sites de apostas confiaveis.

Why is sports betting the most relevant?
Bets always make sense to reward the person who guessed this or that event, therefore betting should be thoughtful and reasonable so that the chances of winning are many times greater. Sports is an ideal betting platform, as gamblers will see the result on their own, which will become an inalienable proof of the user’s victory or loss. A wide range of sports events will allow you to make your own analytical choice for each broker. For example, a person who has little knowledge of football may choose hockey, volleyball or another field for betting where his analytical knowledge is capable of providing a likely win.

The main thing is to be sure of the result and not draw conclusions from the first unsuccessful attempt.

Sports betting system and how it works
When gamblers choose a suitable bookmaker for themselves, they can start making bets. But everyone should know the principle of work in order to determine the choice for the bet … Consider the tactics on the example of a football match. Two teams play – k1 and k2. As is almost always the case, they are not equal in strength. For example, the odds for winning k1 are 2.55, for a draw – 2.86, for winning k2 – 3.46. If you could put in proportion to the coefficients, you would not come out in plus, on the contrary, you minus a certain percentage for yourself. This small denomination leaves the betting company always in the black, due to the “countless” number of bets. Thus, the company honestly receives a percentage of the funds as the organizer of the bet in a massive number. But from time to time, even bookmakers lost most of their savings due to the successful bets of some brokers!

Comparison of online casino and sports betting systems
Many people believe that online casinos and bookmaker companies (namely sports betting) give approximately the same chances of a gambler winning. But this is definitely not the case! To be convinced of this, it is necessary to compare the operation of both systems and how they differ in relation to the chances of winning. Differences between sports betting systems and online casinos:

1) The system of chances to win in the casino.
Not every broker has managed to significantly increase their funds using the software system provided for online casinos. Each user will have about 50-50 chances of winning minus 2-5% (so that the company always remains in the black). If you want to start playing and get the maximum benefit, then you should use código promocional 1xbet

2) Sports betting odds system.
You probably wondered that the fans of their clubs or hockey teams will not always win the bets made. Even the strongest teams can be defeated or won back in a draw. In this case, the gambler who bets on the opposing team’s victory will receive a large reward, since the odds for this event will be much higher than the obvious result. As a result, the odds in sports betting are far from 50-50, but mostly depend on the preferences and analytics of the player.

3) Variety.
Sport has a much greater advantage due to its large assortment for choosing bets: fouls, yellow cards, total of the match and the exact score – you can make a bet on all this if you are overtaken by confidence in any event. The casino also relies on a semblance of variety for events, however, only the design picture will change for the user, and the tactics and the probability of winning on the service will be the same – less than half.

What services can be useful for betting?
Today, fewer and fewer sites provide reliable information on sports forecasts. But there are still some resources that can be useful.

Now you have learned that a sports betting system is significantly different from those services that promise you “mountains of gold”. But even bets on bookmakers can turn into failures for gamblers. Therefore, it is worthwhile to calculate in advance the tactics: when to stop and how many means to risk. That’s all, we wish you success!

Can’t be limited to slot machines only

The most basic goal of the game, of course, is the pursuit of winning
The most basic goal of the game, of course, is the pursuit of winning

An online casino visitor pays attention to the abundance of slots offered to him. They are painted in a variety of ways, motifs, tales of legends, heroes and much more are used. Companies that open casinos are often limited to this. Is it correct? What else to do? The popularity of entertainment is determined by the interest of the client. Therefore, it is in the interests of the casino to make the games more diverse and give the visitor a choice. Attracting new players. You can’t limit yourself to slot machines. People often visit such establishments because of the inability to go to the casino at home; in many countries, gambling is simply prohibited. Someone does not want to waste time on a trip to a casino, for example, in Russia, and have to travel across the country.

If people play games where they are prohibited, then they go underground, which is unsafe. The Internet, on the other hand, removes all the difficulties associated with the ban. However, such a person searches the Internet for all those forms of entertainment that are in the most ordinary casino. Slot machines either quickly get bored or not interesting initially. To start playing at an online casino and get big winnings, you need to know the full 1xbet codigo promocional.

Most often roulette and card games are of interest. Not a single casino can do without them, for this reason, the developers throw all their efforts into developing the appropriate software. The lack of classic games is a serious oversight on the part of the casino.

Roulette history

The game has a long and not entirely clear history. Where she comes from, no one knows for sure, whether from Asia, or from Europe. According to one version, it was invented by one of the mathematicians. The principle behind the game is extremely simple: you have to guess the cell where the ball falls. All calculations do not matter, it is based on the work of a random number generator. All theories about the possibility of calculating the result are fiction.

The casino offers several types of roulette:

  • classic – it has 37 cells with one zero;
  • American – it has 38 cells – one additional cell with zero;
  • French roulette is an analogue of the classic one, only one colored square is replaced by an additional square with zero.

The latter option provides several additional rules in the game.

Electronic roulette is not inferior to its real counterpart in terms of color. Especially if you play 3D roulette.

Card games

The most basic goal of the game, of course, is the pursuit of winning
The most basic goal of the game, of course, is the pursuit of winning

You can’t be limited to slot machines Online casinos can provide a wide range of card games. They are generally familiar to people who have not played cards with family or friends. There are many such people. Playing with rivals for money adds a spice to the experience. Unfortunately, it can be addictive. The game has been known for almost half a thousand years. Over the past time, many changes have occurred in it. The game is considered won if other players refuse to continue the game and receive a winning combination. It is no secret that a player misled opponents by not having strong cards in his hand.

Only psychology experts and possessors of serious self-control can win the game. Another category of winners is those who often get a winning combination.

Black Jack. The player’s task is to score the required number of points (21 points are considered optimal). At some point, the player refuses to draw cards and opens. Everything is much simpler, luck is more needed.

Baccarat. It was once played by the nobles of the King of France. You need to score 9 points. If the player scored more. Then 10 points were taken away from him. Ace gives 1 point, 10 – 0 points. Number cards give the corresponding number of points.

Bets are placed on the player, on the dealer dealing the cards, on a draw.

Live casino

The Internet is used as a link. The casino is as close to reality as possible: interior, furniture. Girls act as dealers, who, moreover, can still maintain communication between players using chat.

Why went back to the live casino system? You can’t limit yourself to slot machines Players need atmosphere. After all, they are interested not only in money coming to casinos to relax. For many, visiting a real casino is not available, so they use the services of Internet companies that save time, do not require traveling abroad and other things that the player does not want to get involved with.

Software production

The gameplay is provided with the help of special software. Let’s name a few companies: Playtech makes similar software as does NetEnt and Microgaming. These companies are engaged in the creation of programs for any game. There are companies that are limited to the production of certain software, for example, XproGaming.

The firm’s employees are located in European countries where the gambling business is not limited. The firm offers various products, including those for mobile gambling. In their work, specialists use the latest programming tools. This gives them the advantage to create tools that make the game as authentic as possible.

Can casino games be perceived as a source of additional income and the best slot Divine lotus slot

Absolutely every person has dreamed at least once of easy money. Most often it is winning in a lottery or casino. However, for some reason, some people perceive online casinos as a way to make money. This is their fatal mistake. This casino has a license and corresponding certificates of integrity control. Divine lotus slot this amazing and colorful slot created in the Asian style brings huge winnings to millions of players.

Is it realistic to make money in an online casino?

Yes, if you are a very successful person in life. It depends on the case, since all video slots are built on a random number generator. In many articles and descriptions for gambling clubs, you will see the following sentence: “The gambler will develop his own strategy that will help him get rich.” Let’s analyze in more detail.

If you gave the correct answer, then your winnings are doubled
If you gave the correct answer, then your winnings are doubled

If you are a fan of reel slot machines, then no tactics will help you. You cannot predict the outcome of the game, as the random number generator will decide everything for you. Phrases like “the bonus round opens on every 95th spin” are more than false. you can verify this if you use the demo mode. On average, the user is provided with 1000 credits. there are times when spending all this virtual money you will never get to the bonus level.
Some providers are tricky. They develop several bonus games in their slots. As a rule, one of them drops out quite often, but it gives quite mediocre winnings. You can see the second bonus round only when you have lowered a tidy sum of money, or you will not see it at all.

You can develop your own strategy if you play with live dealers. At the same time, your opponents are also real people who want to get a win. If you want to learn more about live tables, write about it in the comments. This site has reviews only of the best world-class slots with big jackpots – betwiki365.com/en/post/divine-lotus

If you are particularly fortunate, then you can really get lucky. By my example, I can say that it is quite possible to get a profit by several thousand rubles. But I don’t understand how some gamblers write that they win tens, or even hundreds of thousands of rubles there.

Maybe play a risk game?

If you gave the correct answer, then your winnings are doubled
If you gave the correct answer, then your winnings are doubled

To attract customers, online casinos have developed an additional feature called risk gambling. You can go to it only when it has a winning combination on active lines. After that, an additional window opens in front of the user. As a rule, cards participate in the game. you either need to guess the color of the suit of the upside-down card, or choose a card that will be higher at face value than the dealer’s. In addition, providers come up with some special games that are unlike any other.

If you gave the correct answer, then your winnings are doubled, and you can continue to risk in the game by chance. With a constant return of the correct answer, the amount is constantly doubled, that is, at the end of the game, your initial winnings can grow tenfold. However, if you gave the wrong answer, then all your money won in this round and in general in the last spin will be burned out.

The function, of course, is very risky, but it can really bring you a big cash prize. In fact, nothing depends on you here, intuition rules in the risk game.

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Tips for beginners roulette

Tips for beginners roulette

European roulette is the simplest, and the probability of winning is the highest. It is very easy to distinguish it from an American girlfriend. In European roulette there is one zero cell, but in American roulette the player can put both on the free online casino zero and double zero, but alas, as a rule, in the winnings will always be one side – the casino.

It should be noted that gambling establishments, which are located in the post-Soviet area, mainly use this type of roulette, where the inscriptions sometimes mislead even professionals who love with all their heart this gambling entertainment. The visitor is offered to play some kind of American roulette, but in fact, there is only one zero on the wheel. Conclusion: it is better not to believe any inscriptions on the Wheel of Fortune, but simply to focus your attention on the zero cells, so as not to get into trouble.

Tips for beginners roulette

All systems and strategies to tame the Wheel of Fortune are another myth that will never become a reality, and their advertising is only in the hands of casino owners. Having studied some particular technique, the player thinks he will win exactly, so without any fear he puts big money and is not afraid to risk it. Plus, in order to access information on a certain system or strategy, you will have to pay and most likely the money will go back into the pocket of the casino owners. As you can see, there are still more chances to win from those players who trust their intuition rather than some strategy. The “gull” and a good knowledge of the rules are the components of a successful roulette game!

It is the risk to take, because winning is a rare phenomenon, respectively, the money is likely to be spent irrevocably. This is the amount you need to keep on hand to exchange some of it for chips, and to release the rest for entertainment, entering the excitement. It is better to save the remaining finances for later and learn the unwritten truth – today there is no more money! As a rule, almost all visitors to the casino go there with full pockets, and go out with empty, respectively, how much not to take with you, still spend!

Planning in advance your budget for the evening, each player thus protects himself from the risk of staying at the broken trough and sink into the casino all his fortune. You know, gambling is a dangerous thing, so it’s better to always leave an intact stock of “green” on your bank account for a “rainy day”, especially since the degree of pleasure does not depend on the amount of money spent. It is online live casino possible to relax and have a good time just as much for small and large funds. Only with small means it is not so offensive the next day. There are no insoluble debts and family scandals!

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Real money bonuses

Real money bonuses

Each casino offers to get bonus money on top up account. They can be presented as a percentage of the money deposited, or in the form of free-spins, in which case the result is unknown in advance.

Some casinos may offer bonus offers, but this is rather an exception. And so, a regular popular ratio of bonus on first deposit to the real money deposited is – 100%. That is, added the same amount by which the account was replenished. And most often, together with the deposit, it is converted into bonus funds.

Although now there are interesting propositions, when the gembler first plays the deposit and when he wins nothing prevents him from making a conclusion, and the bonus goes into action, if the real money is unlucky and thus given a chance to win back. this option should be considered as a safety net and, of course, do not give up on it, if you decide to play for their own.

Real money bonuses

Now let’s consider a situation when the deposit and bonus funds become a general bankroll, burdened with obligations under the vager. When does it make sense to take it?

It is already necessary to assess your own mood. How do you plan to play: immediately draw a conclusion, as soon as you manage to catch a successful skid or play longer regardless of the results, spend time in different games, try different strategies.

If you intend to withdraw money immediately if you win, it is better to give up the bonus at all. Especially if your deposit is enough for at least 200 spins. This is the most acceptable bank to bet ratio for playing. That is the risk to higher chances for the top combination.
Of course, in the licensed machines all depends on the random and more or less decent skid can fall on the first spins, and the absence of acceptable results of hundreds and thousands of spins, but the bankroll, allowing you to make 100-200 spins still contains more reason to hope for the favor of luck than the one that originally barely enough for 20.

Planning to play longer? Then the amount for the course must be appropriate. The conditions for wagering deposit bonuses are sometimes the same as those for dodges. Often even the size of the vager remains the same. But if you intend to play, it will be the same. You will be able to wait and periods of bad luck, and get a better chance to catch a valuable combination or a generous bonus game.

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Additional lotteries online casino

Additional lotteries online casino

These are already those actions gambling site that are more often held for regular visitors and participation in them implies that the gaming account has been replenished and repeatedly. In fact, even those players who are trying to play only on the sidelines, still have in their arsenal of a couple or three online casinos, where they occasionally make real money. Typically, these institutions are marked by regular rewards, loyalty programs, reliability and integrity of the game, as well as a guarantee of payments.

So, we have listed the types of non-deposit bonuses, which are now found most often. It is possible that another type of offers will also appear. In any case, before accepting the terms of the gambling site for free chips or spins, read them beforehand and be careful to items with the rules, in order to avoid further misunderstandings and disagreements with representatives of the casino.

Additional lotteries online casino

The fact is that some dubious casinos deliberately spread information about misdeeds, and after registration, inform the players that, they say, just finished the action. Not only that, these sites are most often placed on the machine with a customizable through the admin kickback, that is, the visitor loses not only the carrot, which lured him to the site, but also the probability of winning, not to mention ovydecaekah some money. Or, even if the slots on the unscrupulous site licensed and peyayout on them works, according to the factory settings, but when requesting a conclusion, representatives begin to look for reasons for rejection, or do not go to contact at all.

Such schemes are on the move at the casino with low ratings or on those sites that are already listed on the blacklist on Latest, so before registering, check if there is no site where you are going to receive and play a bonus.
One more reason why you may not get the bonus money is the expiration of the offer, which advertising still appeals to the network. It has nothing to do with the casino, if the ad is not placed on the official website of the institution.

Saturation of the market and a huge number of bonuses
Bonuses are really a lot now because of the large number of players in the Internet gambling industry, who compete with each other. The rules of economic theory here is very appropriate and proves that the presence in the market of a certain industry of strong competition leads to an improvement in the quality of services and the availability of incentives for the consumer. You can see it for yourself by visiting the special main section of the Latest with bonuses from more than a thousand casinos around the world.

There are so many bonus offers that you will have enough for a long playing period. Even it is reasonable to say that casinos do not exist without bonuses, as each gambling resource is trying to advertise itself and collect a base of regular visitors.

Bonushanter reported to know not only where to find a deposit-free bonus, but also on what criteria to determine the reliability of the casino that it provides.

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Online Casino Rates

Online Casino Rates

Freebet is a non-deposit bonus offered by bookmaker’s offices. Having received it, you can bet on a certain event or choose those contests that suit the terms of the offer. For those who have a good understanding of the world of sports it is a great opportunity to win without risk. If you’re not one of them, read the recommendations of forum people who are passionate about betting. This will increase your chances of winning the freebie.

Popular incentive for regular users on almost all solid gambling sites. Of course, you will not be given a non-deposit for your birthday if you have not made deposits and have not documented your holiday. So if you plan to get a birthday bonus, then take care of identity verification in advance.

Almost every institution agrees to share not only profits from partnership programs, but also encourages its registered players when they recommend the site to their friends.

Online Casino Rates

If you call that one of your friends is fond of gambling and is looking for a decent place where he could spend your leisure time, then why not advise a rating and reliable casino, which, in addition, he will give him a bonus for registration and you will also be charged some money for the game.
Do not, of course, someone to persuade and induce to gembling-entertainment deliberately and pursuing vested interests, but if a friend himself shows desire and initiative, then you can get mutual benefit.

No deposit, with a real money prize.
Now it has become very popular this type of bonus: accrues a number of free spins. You make them, win some amount of bonus money. You activate the offer. It can even go with an attractive x20 or x30 vager. But when the wagering time starts to decrease, it turns out that in order to fulfill all conditions, you need to make at least a minimum deposit and then the bonus will go into the game.

Very tricky rules. If in the case of the classic bezdepup you make a minimum deposit, when you know exactly what you have played and are going to withdraw, then the result is unknown.
Such a bonus can be attractive only if you have a decent amount of money, which gives a long distance for wagering and increases the chances of new deposits. But at the same time, the wagering amount will be not insignificant. So the final argument in favor of participation in such a bonus will be the rating of the casino, where it is activated.

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Who could be a bonushunter

Who could be a bonushunter

Bonushangers are those fans of online gaming that combine the pleasant with the useful. Namely: a casino game without investment with the availability of real money.

The concept of “bonushanger” is collected from two words: “bonus” – is a certain amount of money that is offered as a marketing move to attract new or encourage regular customers and usually accompanied by some requirements for obtaining, “hunter” – with the English “hunter” – a hunter – a person engaged in search, tracking and use of such shares for their own benefit.
Bonushangers are looking for valid casino bonuses without a deposit, find out what it takes to get them and the conditions of wagering, and if these parameters suit them, then proceed. Further results are already more dependent on luck and partly on strategies and tactics. For some players, this activity becomes an additional salary and sometimes quite decent.

Who could be a bonushunter

Start a successful bonus hunt and become a bonushunter can each Internet user who has a location for gambling. Not a gambler and who is not interested in cards, slots, or betting, it will simply not be interesting to spend time on gaming portals. You can, of course, try it for an experiment. Coolness for excitement – a significant plus when winning, because this type of behavior will stop immediately, but do not forget that studded with top combinations and bonus rounds of spins – a very rare phenomenon in the casino. The white stripe should be able to expect that under the power and even pleasure of those who prefer to have fun gambling.
Being a bonushunter – is not only to accept all offers from gambling resources, as this approach will easily absorb all your free time without any benefit.
In fact, a positive result requires some basic knowledge, and over time, as the experience gained, people who play for bonuses, become professionals, real professionals, whose advice will not prevent those who are interested in this way to earn money.

We will help eliminate some of the mistakes inherent in novice bonus players and provide recommendations that will save time, nerves and money.
Where you can get non-deposit bonuses
Now offers for free games are present at gambling sites of various categories. This is not only gambling sites with slots, but to start with them, as the most popular type of gambling establishments on the Internet.

If you remember the gambling market on the Internet in the late 1990’s – early 2000’s, then get then a casino bonus for registration, for a deposit or for a permanent game on the site was not possible in every institution. Such a tricky move used promising providers. For example, Microheiming, in its advertising company immediately began to offer: to, look slots, play, will not like it, go away.

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How to increase your chances of winning

How to increase your chances of winning

We will not talk about payout ratios, slot recoil, etc. Today we will tell you how to increase your chances of winning at online casinos. Or rather, what rules to follow in order to increase your chances of winning. Hyde is mainly for beginners, but also players with experience will not be superfluous to refresh the memory of these aspects.

The most important mistake is “sticking” in the slot machine.
Appears when you press the spin button thoughtlessly and reflexively. In this case, the fact of lack of winnings and rapid decrease in balance does not stop the player. The basic idea of a strong saturated in the mind of the user: “here’s a little bit and just a bonus or like a spin!

What do we do? Let’s face it, the slot didn’t give the expected result and close it down. And the faster you do it, the more likely it is to win in another slot machine is much higher.

How to increase your chances of winning

Naturally, many people are now “cracked up” and wanted to speak out. The main statement will be: “There are slots that need to spin yes the last, like Dead or Alive, and there is always a chance to win.

Of course we do! But when playing these slots, you initially realize that there are two options: either a complete failure or a great win. And when you play, for example, in StarBurst, and you do not see even the slightest hint of winning. What’s the point of spinning it?

It seems to be the exact opposite. The game starts with an increased balance, so there is a better chance of winning! Unfortunately, this is not the case at all. Every bonus offer has limitations in the form of a vager. Currently, the average value of this parameter is X40 from the sum of the bonus received. That is, the player must place bets 40 times higher than the sum of the bonus! And it is not so easy.

In general, the person who invented the vager, the casino should be grateful, because 95% of the issued bonuses online casino players can not play. And there is nothing supernatural here, everything obeys a simple rule: the longer you play, the higher the probability of losing.

But even this is not the main reason to give up the extra bonus. Often there are situations where a player is lucky enough to win big, but he can not withdraw his winnings, because he plays with bonus funds.

The shorter your game session, the more likely it is to win. For example, after 30 minutes of play you have increased your initial deposit by two or three times. Lust for excitement makes you play more, I motivate you by the fact that once everything started so easily, after a couple of hours in general there will be an exorbitant amount on your balance. But as practice shows, after a couple of hours the balance will be zero.

What do we do? If you managed to increase your deposit several times, albeit slightly. Make a withdrawal, at least partially. You’ll always be able to deposit money into your account.

This state, when a player makes a deposit one after another, is called “putty”. In this state, the player does not control himself, the desire to win back prevails.

Naturally, it is fraught with zeroing of all electronic wallets and nervous breakdown.

What can I do? Before starting the game, determine the amount that you are ready to lose. That’s the amount you’re willing to lose. If you are not controlled by yourself, then after depositing, restrict your access to the opportunity to make a deposit, any way. The next day you will be grateful to yourself.